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Thinking Outside the Box with CSS Shapes

by Brian Treese

CSS shapes allow designers to move past the limitations of rectangular box layouts and create rich designs previously only possible in print. This course will teach you the foundations of using CSS shapes.

What you'll learn

Web designers can use CSS shapes to create rich, complex layouts like those common in print design. This course will introduce you to the CSS Shapes specification and show you how to use its properties in-depth. You'll learn about various interesting use cases and examples, ranging from basic to complex, as well as the future of the spec, browser support, and helpful tools and resources. By the end of this course, you'll be up and running with CSS shapes, and thinking about web design and layout in a whole new way.

About the author

Brian Treese is the Chief of UX at SoCreate, a company building a fun and easy way to turn great ideas into movie & TV show scripts. Technically a Web Designer (he's always loved the aesthetic side of the web), but his expertise does not stop at Photoshop and Illustrator. He's been building websites for over a decade using technologies such as HTML, CSS, SASS, SVG, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, ASP.Net, PHP, and more. While he very much enjoys building things, he also loves to learn and he finds ... more

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