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Design Patterns in Swift: Structural

by Karoly Nyisztor

This course will teach you about the structural design patterns and their implementation using modern Swift.

What you'll learn

Software design patterns are standard, proven ways to solve various problems programmers encounter. In this course, Design Patterns in Swift: Structural, you'll learn the structural design patterns and the way they are implemented using Swift 3. First, you'll explore the adapter pattern and bridge design patter. Next, you'll discover the composite pattern and the decorator design pattern. Then, you'll cover the great Swift language feature called extension. Finally, you'll learn about the facade, flyweight, and proxy design patterns. After completing this course, you'll be able to choose the right structural design pattern and implement it in an efficient way using Apple's Swift 3 programming language.

About the author

Károly Nyisztor is a professional software engineer, instructor, and author. So far, he has inspired over 150,000 students worldwide. As an instructor, he aims to share his more than 25 years of software development expertise and change the lives of students throughout the world. He's passionate about helping people reveal hidden talents and guide them into the world of startups and programming. Karoly has worked for companies like Apple, Siemens, and SAP. As a software architect, he has desi... more

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