Designing, Implementing, and Managing VMware vSAN in Production

by David Davis

In this course, you’ll learn exactly how VMware vSAN works, how to design your vSAN infrastructure for high performance and availability, how to properly implement vSAN, and how to efficiently manage vSAN in your production environment.

What you'll learn

VMware vSphere administrators have long struggled with overly complex, costly, and inefficient shared storage solutions. In this course, Designing, Implementing, and Managing VMware vSAN in Production, you will learn how to implement VMware's hyper-converged storage solution - VMware vSAN - in production. First, you will learn the features and benefits of vSAN. Next, you will discover how to properly design your vSAN infrastructure. Finally, you will explore how to deploy, configure, and manage VMware vSAN. When you’re finished with this course, you'll feel confident administering a production VMware vSAN infrastructure!

Table of contents

Course Overview
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About the author

David has authored over 50 courses for around enterprise data center technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and (especially) VMware vSphere. He is a partner at where he creates compelling enterprise technology content, moderates online events, and helps to connect some of the best-known technology companies in the industry with the end user community. With over 20 years in enterprise technology, he has served as an IT Manager, administrator, and... more

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