Developing Android Applications with Kotlin: The Big Picture

by Markus Neuhoff

Android devices continue to drive the global smartphone market but what does it take to develop an application for them? This course will teach you, at a high level, how to build an Android application, using the preferred language, Kotlin.

What you'll learn

Building immersive digital experiences is a key focus for developers and technical leaders alike. With so many different approaches, how do you choose the right path? In this course, Developing Android Applications with Kotlin: The Big Picture, you’ll learn whether or not native Android application development is right for your particular use case and how Kotlin improves this process. First, you’ll explore why native development with Kotlin could be a good choice for your next project. Next, you’ll discover some of the key benefits that Kotlin provides. Finally, you’ll learn some of the exciting tools available to develop native Android apps. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to decide if building a native Android app with Kotlin is the right fit. 

About the author

Markus Neuhoff is an Android developer with a passion for sharing new technologies in order to solve complex user problems.

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