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Developing SharePoint 2013 Solutions with JavaScript - Part 2

by David Mann

This course shares more on how to use JavaScript in SharePoint 2013 customizations.

What you'll learn

Building on the foundation provided in part 1, this course introduces more advanced topics and details on important aspects of SharePoint 2013 programming with JavaScript. Covering everything from security, to logging, to MDS and TypeScript, this course is heavy on demos and sample code. If you want to write solid, professional JavaScript code as part of your SharePoint 2013 customizations, this course is for you.

Table of contents


About the author

Dave is the co-founder and CTO of Heirloom Software, a start-up using technology (including user-experience design, application development and big-data disciplines) to revolutionize the family-history and genealogy world. He has been "working with computers" for over 20 years, is an 11-time Microsoft MVP, and full-stack web developer, trainer and author focusing on JavaScript, NodeJS, document DBs and C#. He presents regularly at both technical and genealogy conferences.

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