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Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture through Improved Engagement

by Megan Andrew

This course will teach you the impact of engagement and inclusiveness within a team/organization, as well as how to achieve and nurture it.

What you'll learn

Every organization strives to have their employees fully engaged in what they are doing, the trick is, how do you get your teams engaged? In this course, Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture through Improved Engagement, you’ll learn to create and nurture a diverse and inclusive culture through engagement, both at a leadership and team level, as well as at a personal level. First, you’ll explore the importance of employee engagement within an organization and the link between engagement and inclusiveness. Next, you’ll discover how to improve your personal engagement level. Finally, you’ll learn how to enhance employee engagement through improved leadership behaviors. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of enhanced engagement needed to build a diverse and inclusive culture.

About the author

Megan Andrew is an end-to-end Product Manager and Freelance Consultant. With extensive experience throughout the product management space, Megan is proficient in relationship & stakeholder management, strategy creation & implementation, project management, platform & sales optimization, and profit maximization. She has managed a range of products across the banking and insurance industries, and successfully started a joint venture business from the ground up.

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