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Oct 19, 2015
2h 8m

Do you struggle with controlling your emotions? Do you feel like maybe you are not performing at your absolute best? Emotional Intelligence can help! By understanding how your brain processes your emotions and leveraging the competencies of EI, you will be able to increase your EQ (emotional quotient). Take a journey through the inner workings of the brain; you will learn how to become self-aware, manage your emotions, understand other peoples' emotional states, and how to build stronger relationships.

About the author
About the author

Jason Edleman is a certified life coach with over 4 years of experience providing coaching to individuals aiming to reach their goals either personally or professionally. ​Jason is certified in Motivational Interviewing, an NLP Master Practitioner, Stephen Ministry care giving, and working towards obtaining the IFC Credential. He has received over 160 hours of training and supervision in coaching and caregiving. Additionally, Jason holds multiple other professional certifications related to project management (PMP, CSM) and business strategy (BRMP). Coaching is a part-time passion for Jason. He is an active business leader working in the IT Services industry.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Relationship Management
We are nearing the finish line of this course. Can you feel your emotional quotient beginning to mature? I hope so. Mine is. In creating this course I've been able to expand my own knowledge. In this final module we will be discussing the last of the four key areas of emotional intelligence, relationship management. Relationship management is about your ability to get the best out of others, your ability to inspire and influence them, your ability to communicate and build bonds with them, and your ability to help them grow, change, develop, and resolve conflict. You're saying to yourself, I'm not the leader here, why do I care about helping other people grow? I used to think that way too. Then I realized that in helping others grow, I grow as well. I hope that makes sense. Titles aside, we as humans have an opportunity to share in the experience and all evolve for the better by leading each other in many different ways. Let's get started.