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Oct 19, 2018
1h 24m

Expand upon what you have learned in the NetScaler® 12 Getting Started and High Availability courses in the NetScaler® Essentials series. You’ll continue to use the environment that was created previously in order to demonstrate load balancing features and functionality. In this course, Enabling Load Balancing with Citrix NetScaler® 12, you’ll learn about load balancing and configuration components including vservers, servers, services, and monitors. First, you’ll step through an analogy related to cheeseburgers in order to solidify an understanding as to how load balancing functions. A bit unconventional, but load balancing will make sense like never before. Next, you'll dive a bit deeper into the various options and talk about when and how you may need to employ them. Finally, you’ll spend some time discovering what to do if something goes wrong. By the end of this third course in the series, you’ll be confident with load balancing including basic setup, tweaking the setup so that load balancing works optimally for your needs, and fixing the load balancing configuration if it isn’t working the way you had expected.

About the author
About the author

Jo Harder has been involved with virtualization technologies for nearly 20 years, since the days of WinFrame/MetaFrame and the infancy of hypervisors. She started her technical career at Citrix in 1999, where she became a Senior Architect. Her 11-year tenure included a combination of Citrix Consulting and Technical Readiness roles. Post Citrix, Jo has taken on positions focused on consulting services and hosting provider services, as well as the creation of technical materials for various audiences. Starting in February 2015, she has been a Citrix Technology Professional awardee each year.

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