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Encoding Data with R

by Emilee McWilliams

In this course, learn how to encode data for a data set based on customer retail purchases. From cleaning and preparing data, to finding simple and powerful frequency analysis, you will make an impact quickly in businesses and organizations. Throughout the course you will use R, one of the best and most popular statistical computing languages. Some experience with R and RStudio will help.

What you'll learn

Encoding Data can be time consuming and lacks proper data insights in the process. In this course, Encoding Data with R, you will gain the ability to encode data to utilize a data set, while being able to find data frequencies and insights that fit your data set and business goals. First, you will learn the factor() function for converting data types. Next, you will discover how to find data frequencies through the table() function. Finally, you will explore how to encode data for a indicator flag or for a potential model. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to encode data to find insights quickly.

About the author

Emilee has an M.S. in Business Statistics from Mercer University and currently works as a Data Scientist. She has worked with data for 5+ years, spending the majority of her time in finance. She created marketing solutions at an investment management firm, consulted with lenders on risk models at a credit bureau, and currently works in consumer banking. Through her love of data, she has always had a passion for teaching. Prior to grad school, she worked as a teacher and enjoys simplifying comple... more

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