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Developing Applications on Ethereum Blockchain

by Ivan Mushketyk

Learn to develop applications for the Ethereum platform. Start with the basics of blockchain and Ethereum, then learn the core skills for writing smart contracts using Solidity programming language.

What you'll learn

For years client-server applications dominated the software development landscape. Despite the advancements in technologies and architecture, the fundamental model remained the same. In this course, Developing Applications on Ethereum Blockchain, you will gain the ability to develop decentralized applications for Ethereum. First, you will learn the basics of blockchain and the Ethereum platform. Next, you will discover how to develop smart contracts using Solidity, how to interact with smart contracts, and how to create an efficient development environment for Ethereum projects. Finally, you will explore how to develop web applications that interact with an Ethereum blockchain. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of the Ethereum platform needed to develop your applications for both public and private networks.

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About the author

Ivan is a Principal Software Engineer and a Tech Lead who is passionate about Big Data and Cloud Computing. He has worked for numerous big IT companies including Samsung and Amazon Web Services. He is an Open Source enthusiast and has contributed to a number of projects including Gatling and Apache Flink. When he is not writing code or working on a new course, he is probably writing another technical article for his blog.

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