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Ethical Tactics

by Raina Kumra

You may have heard about tech ethics and you may have heard of unintended consequences. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the first and how to avoid the latter.

What you'll learn

You may have a basic understanding of technology ethics, but let's go deeper and understand how to apply them. In this course, Ethical Tactics, you'll learn to build your muscle of foresight, and understand how to apply ethics to your products and culture. First, you'll explore definitions of ethical technology and examples of what happens when ethics are no part of the picture. Next, you'll discover how to spot risk areas. Finally, you'll learn how to proactively avoid unintended consequences. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of basic ethical habits needed to make your courses more inclusive.

Table of contents

Exploring Ethical Tactics
Exploring Technology Ethics and Building Foresight
How to Pay Attention to Risk Areas and Diversity
Introducing Ethical Checklists

About the author

Raina is a partner at The Fund LA, an early stage venture firm, CEO of Juggernaut, a brand movement agency and organizational change bureau. As a tech ethics advocate she helps makers, investors and consumers to get up to speed on data ethics. She is a Member of the Ad Council’s Issue Advisory Board and a mentor at Tech Stars LA. In the past she has led strategy and investments for the Technology Ethics portfolio at Omidyar Network and co-founded Mavin, an app engagement platform. She served in ... more

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