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Generative AI Foundations: Ethics, Issues, and Limitations of Generative AI

by Hampton Paulk

Explore the ethics, issues, and limitations of generative AI. Gain insights into AI models, examine case studies on ethical dilemmas, and learn about data bias, IP rights, deepfakes, and the impact on work and creativity.

What you'll learn

This course will explore the ethical implications, potential issues, and current limitations surrounding the rapid development and deployment of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). As AI systems become increasingly capable of creating human-like content, such as text, images, and audio, it is crucial to understand the challenges and responsibilities that come with this technology.

Throughout the course, you will gain insights into the inner workings of generative AI models and examine case studies that highlight the ethical dilemmas and unintended consequences that may arise from use. Topics covered include data bias, intellectual property rights, deepfakes, and the potential impact on employment and creativity.

By the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of the ethical considerations surrounding generative AI and be better equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this transformative technology.

About the author

Hampton began learning and creating in the digital realm over 20 years ago and enjoys helping others improve and work toward their goals.

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