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Exploring Product Business Foundations

by Jeff Hurd

This course will teach you the foundations of business strategy and how to organize the product team to maximize communication and collaboration within any business organization.

What you'll learn

As a product manger or a member from a product team, it can sometimes be a struggle to understand the strategy and how to build your own vision of a product using qualitative and quantitative data. In this course, Exploring Product Business Foundations, you’ll learn how to create business and product strategy. First, you’ll explore creating and maintaining product vision. Next, you’ll learn the product roles that are essential to the success of a product team and how they best work cross-functionally between sales, success, marketing, and engineering. Finally, you’ll discover how to create and communicate a product road map within any organization. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to succeed on any product team and the knowledge of which levers to pull within product to maximize product-market fit.

About the author

Jeff Hurd is a Product Leader based in Chicago. He has been an author on Pluralsight since 2014, where he emphasizes scenario based learning. His portfolio includes work for: Visibly, Built In, Groupon, Radio Flyer, Porsche, Howl at the Moon, Four Loko and State Farm.

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