Exploring Product Discovery Foundations

by Natalie Masters

This course will teach you how product managers use discovery to learn and communicate the value proposition for their products. Learn how discovery helps product managers solve problems worth solving and build products worth building.

What you'll learn

Every product manager needs to understand and be able to articulate the value their product delivers. What problem are you solving? Who are you serving? And what’s the measurable value of the product you’re delivering?

In this course, Exploring Product Discovery Foundations, you will learn to use product discovery to ask the right questions, discover who your customer is, understand and communicate their needs, and establish a value proposition for your product, aligned to overall business goals.

First, you’ll discover how the product approach enables teams to deliver the right product for the right market at the right time. Next, you’ll explore a case study in product management and learn how product discovery helps to validate - or invalidate - your assumptions. Then, you’ll apply your understanding as you consider a second case study from the perspective of a product manager. Finally, you’ll reflect on ways product discovery can help you deliver the most valuable products possible. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to define your customers, their wants, and needs, so you can collaborate with your team and stakeholders to deliver real solutions.

About the author

Natalie F. Masters, M.Ed. is obsessed with the intersection of technology and learning. With 24 years’ experience as an educator and 10 years in product management, Natalie is passionate about empowering others through educational technology and motivating teams to deliver value through collaborative, agile software development practices and a relentless focus on continuously improving the user experience. Natalie is driven by her belief that happy people do more, better. When she's not reading ... more

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