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Stylized Animal Modeling for Games

by Micah Masbaum

This course will get you familiar with sculpting a stylized animal using Zbrush that you can apply to any animal modeling project.

What you'll learn

Creating a believable, yet stylized animal is no easy task. In this course, Stylized Animal Modeling for Games, you'll be taken through all of the steps necessary to get you started on creating a stylized animal in Zbrush and a solid foundation for creating any animal in the future. You will start off by looking at the concept art and going over the importance of using anatomy reference to create believability even when creating a stylized sculpt. After that, you'll learn how to block out the base mesh, which is created by separating the main forms of the animal into different parts. Then, you will build upon the base and refine the secondary shapes of the animal. Next, you will create accessories and armor for your animal using 3DS Max and Zbrush. Finally, you will add the final polish and details to your sculpt. When you're finished with this sculpting course, you'll not only know the process for creating stylized animals in Zbrush but, also be able to apply the same techniques you've learned to any animal you create in the future. Software required: Zbrush 4R7, 3DS Max 2013 and up.

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About the author

Micah is a 3D character artist based in Texas. While growing up, Micah discovered her love for 3D art after watching movies like Shrek and playing a variety of games. When she discovered the world of game development and found that she can bring characters to life, she was hooked and has never looked back since. Micah currently works as a freelance 3D character artist creating characters and creatures for video games.

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