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Git Hooks

by Timothy Ghanim

Git Hooks are extensibility points that allow software devs to automate different operations that would otherwise have to be performed manually. This course will cover what Git Hooks are, their common use cases, advantages, and limitations.

What you'll learn

If you’ve ever wondered how to automate your Git commit process and enforce policies on pushes to your remote repo, then Git hooks are what you are looking for. In this course, Git Hooks, you’ll learn to implement some of the most commonly used hooks defined by Git and integrate them at both client-side and server-side. First, you’ll explore client-side hooks and their implementation. Next, you’ll discover server-side hooks and their use cases. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Git hooks needed to automate many aspects of your daily Git usage.

About the author

Timothy is a software developer who's been around for some time now. He started playing with code at an early age and has picked up alot of expertise in many areas of software development on different platforms using many programming languages. He also is very well familiar with many associated technologies and development stacks and has run through the software development lifecycle many times so far. In the past decade, Timothy's focus was on software security, specifically on writing secure c... more

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