Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals

by Howard Dierking

Google Cloud Platform gives your applications the same robust foundation behind services like Google search and Gmail. This course will provide an overview of the platform and a framework for diving deeper.

What you'll learn

Over the last few years, the cloud has proven itself as a successful enabler for organizations of all sizes to improve agility, scale, reliability, and spend management. It has also made available capabilities that have greatly accelerated the adoption of a wide variety of new types of applications – from big data to Internet of things. This rapidly expanding set of capabilities can be difficult for anyone to keep up with, and that challenge is further compounded when attempting to map capabilities across different public cloud providers. This course, Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals, provides you with an extensive overview of Google Cloud Platform. While the Google Cloud Platform is a more recent offering than some of its competitors, it draws on years of experience running Google's massive internal infrastructure and exposes a streamlined set of solution-focused capabilities to help you build great systems. First you will explore the core building blocks of the platform. Next you'll explore the characteristics that differentiate Google's offering from other cloud platforms. Finally you'll learn the common application architectural patterns. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand how the areas fit together and provide starting points for deeper exploration.

Course FAQ

What is GCP?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a public cloud vendor with a robust suite of cloud computing services, including data management, storage, internet of things (IoT), multi-cloud, security, and Machine Learning.

What are some benefits of using Google Cloud Platform

Similar to other clouds like Azure or AWS, GCP has proven to help businesses to improve agility, scale, reliability, and spend management. However, Google Cloud Platform has some better pricing options than its competitors, has access to Google's private fiber networking infrastructure, and offers hybrid cloud and multicloud strategy.

What will I learn in this GCP training?

This course will provide an extensive overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Some topics covered include:

  • How Google Cloud Platform is different
  • Technology innovation on GCP
  • GCP Core building blocks
  • Google's layered storage model
  • Security and tools in GCP
  • Optimizing with Events and Serverless
  • Incorporating Machine Learning
  • Much more
Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Google Cloud Platform should definitely take this course. If you're looking for a solid overview of GCP as well as a framework for diving deeper into it, then this is the perfect place to begin.

Are there any prerequisites to this course?

Nope! This is a beginner level course to learn the very fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform, and it assumes no prior knowledge of GCP or its competitors. You just need a very basic understanding of how computers and networks work.

About the author

Howard is all about seeing products get built and people developed. In his career, this has taken a variety of different forms, ranging from writing code and designing systems to managing teams to visiting customers and presenting at conferences. Howard loves learning something new, love challenging the status quo (as well as having his status quo challenged), and loves sharing what he has learned with other people.

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