Handling Errors in T-SQL

by Jared Westover

Have you experimented with error handling in T-SQL but were left wanting more? Well, this course is for you! Take your skills to the next level by of incorporating error handling into your ad hoc scripts and stored procedures today.

What you'll learn

Perhaps you’re starting out or have been putting off learning error handling for years. Maybe you want to take your understanding of error handling in SQL Server to the next level. In this course, Handling Errors in T-SQL, you will gain the ability to handle exceptions in SQL Server. First, you will learn why handling errors in T-SQL is critical to writing quality code. Along the way, learning why you want to control the outcome of your scripts. Next, you will discover how transactions are woven into the fabric of SQL Server and how to manage them efficiently. Finally, you will explore the most important error handling methods. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to consistently handle exceptions in T-SQL.

About the author

Jared Westover is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Data Management and Analytics. Data and technology have been paramount to his career for over 13 years. These days he focuses on SQL Server and finding ways to tell inspiring stories with raw data.

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