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Handling Streaming Data with Azure Event Hub

by Eugene Meidinger

Azure Event Hubs is a tool for reliably streaming real-time events. This course will teach you the basics of using Azure Event Hubs, including creating an event hub, sending and receiving events, and storing events for long term access.

What you'll learn

Processing streaming data often requires low latencies and scalability.

In this course, Handling Streaming Data with Azure Event Hub, you’ll gain the ability to use Azure Event Hubs to receive and process events in real-time.

  • First, you’ll learn how Azure Event Hubs is designed and how it compares to other tools like Kafka.
  • Next, you’ll see how to send and receive events.
  • Finally, you’ll understand how to extract the data for streaming analysis or archiving.
By the end of this course, you’ll know what you need to start using Azure Event Hubs.

Course FAQ

What is Azure Event Hub used for?

Azure Event Hub is a tool for reliably streaming real-time events, similar to Kafka.

What will I learn in this course?

Some of the major topics that we will cover include messaging, architectures, creating and consuming event messages and extracting events for analytics.

What prerequisites do I need?

Before starting this course, you should be familiar with Azure in general.

About the author

Eugene Meidinger works as an independent BI consultant and Pluralsight author, specializing in Power BI and the Azure Data Platform. He has been working with data for over 8 years and speaks regularly at user groups and conferences. He also helps run the GroupBy online conference.

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