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Getting Started with HashiCorp Packer

by Paul Kirby

Create immutable infrastructure without the headaches! This course will teach you how to create images that are reusable, make scaling architecture easy, and run everywhere with Packer.

What you'll learn

Has a developer ever given the excuse of “it works on my machine” for an issue in production? Have you ever struggled with keeping your infrastructure configuration in sync across multiple machines and environments? In this course, Getting Started with HashiCorp Packer, you’ll learn to use Packer to build automated machine images that run in multiple environments with the same configuration, all but eliminating those problems! First, you’ll explore how to build a basic empty image for usage on AWS EC2. Next, you’ll discover how to populate that image with all of the configuration needed for your application, along with encrypted secrets from AWS Secrets Manager. Finally, you’ll learn how to expand this image to work on multiple platforms, including Vagrant for local development. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of HashiCorp Packer needed to automate the building of your infrastructure, and banish the “works on my machine” curse to the dustbin where it belongs!

About the author

Paul is a professional Site Reliability Engineer, specializing in fault tolerance and scalability in the cloud. His decade of experience began in infrastructure, transitioned into development, and now he enjoys blending the benefits of both worlds to create best-of-breed solutions focused on sustainable reliability. Paul lives in Canada with his wife, two cats, and dog, and is an avid hiker and electronic musician.

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