ICAgile Foundations of DevOps: Getting Started

by Don White

This course will teach you what led to the emergence of DevOps and how this way of working enables product teams to accelerate growth in skills and empathy for their customers.

What you'll learn

Gaining foundational knowledge of DevOps implementation is easy. In this course, ICAgile Foundations of DevOps: Getting Started, you’ll get a holistic view of product development. First, you’ll explore what small releases are and why feedback from small releases is so valuable. Next, you’ll discover systems thinking; including why a collective understanding of the current state is so powerful. Finally, you’ll learn how to recognize some cultural challenges that make it difficult to scale DevOps in an enterprise. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of DevOps needed to complete subsequent courses on DevOps implementation.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Improving Quality and Operational Excellence with Definition of Done
Drive Towards Business Agility with DevOps
A Holistic and Outcomes-focused Way
Proactive Mindsets for Cultural Challenges

About the author

A Lean-Agile product-oriented professional who builds and fosters relationships. Don shifts mindsets. Business stakeholders, end-users, and customers who once said, “The development teams deliver solutions to us,” gain a new view, “These are OUR solutions because WE regularly inform their evolution!

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