Implement Full-text Search in Couchbase 6

by Kishan Iyer

Beyond indexes for keyword searches, Couchbase also offers full-text indexes to search within document text using natural language capabilities. This course gives you a conceptual and hands-on understanding of full-text searches in Couchbase.

What you'll learn

When using Couchbase to store documents containing text data, you would like the ability to search within those documents with natural language capabilities. This is precisely what the Couchbase Full Text Service has to offer. In this course, Implement Full-text Search in Couchbase, you will delve into how full-text indexes work in Couchbase and how these indexes can be created, used and configured.

First, you will begin by exploring how full-text searches in general rank documents for each query which is sent to them. This includes concepts such as term frequency and inverse document frequency. Next, you will get hands-on and build full-text indexes in a Couchbase cluster and submit a variety of queries to them.

Then, you will move on to how full-text searches are likely to be performed from an application - by submitting search requests using N1QL queries and the Couchbase REST API.

Finally, you will explore the use of analyzers and filters to only include specific words and terms within a full-text index.

When you are finished with this course, you will be well-versed in the options available to build, use, and configure full-text indexes in Couchbase. This will give you the skills needed to speed up text-based searches against the data in your Couchbase cluster, and deliver better search results to your end users.

Table of contents

Course Overview

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