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InDesign CC Data Merge and Variable Data Printing

by Pariah Burke

InDesign's data merge lets you easily incorporate Variable Data Printing (VDP), automated document generation from InDesign templates, and personalization into your designs. This course will help you master the power of data merge in InDesign CC.

What you'll learn

InDesign's data merge features open three avenues that are closed off to you without data merge. In this course, InDesign CC Data Merge and Variable Data Printing, you'll learn how to master the power of data merge in InDesign, so you can help your clients get those higher response rates, increased repeat orders, and amazing 31% higher revenue. First, you'll explore personalized, variable data publishing of single-page, multi-page, and long document projects. Next, you'll discover automatic and semi-automatic generation of repetitively-formatted content in one document or book. Finally, you'll dive into database-driven and database-updatable publications. By the end of this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to create your own exciting, personalized content. Software required: Adobe InDesign CC.

About the author

Pariah Burke is a creative professional trainer and a design, publishing, and digital publishing workflow expert and consultant whose passion is empowering, informing, and connecting creative professionals around the world. As a freelance graphic designer with over 20 years' experience, Pariah sits on the Adobe Advisory Group, is an Adobe Freelancer, and is an Adobe Community Professional and a former trainer and technical lead for Adobe's technical support teams for InDesign, InCopy, Illustrato... more

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