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Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification for CompTIA PenTest+

by Dale Meredith

This course is a part 5 of the CompTIA PenTest+ series. You have identified the vulnerabilities, now you will use your toolset to identify how to exploit said vulnerabilities to prepare to for exploitation.

What you'll learn

Now that you have finished identifying, enumerating, and uncovering vulnerabilities through your active and passive reconnaissance efforts, you have to now figure out what do with this data.

In this course, Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification for CompTIA PenTest+, you will learn foundational knowledge of and gain the ability to analyze the vulnerabilities you've discovered. First, you will learn how to choose the right vulnerability scanner, be it open-source or commercial, on-prem or cloud-based. Next, you will discover how to organize said data by categorizing the assets, identifying false-positives and preparing for adjudication. Finally, you will explore how to transform this data into actionable exploits. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of analyzing the vulnerabilities or order to prepare for the next stage of the penetration testing lifecycle.

About the author

Dale Meredith has been a Certified Ethical Hacker/Instructor EC-Council for the past 15 years, and Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 20 years. Dale also has an additional 7 years of senior IT management experience and worked as a CTO for a popular ISP provider. Dale's expertise is in explaining difficult concepts and ensuring his students have an actionable knowledge of the course material. Straddling the line of fun and function, Dale's instruction is memorable and entertaining. Dale's knowl... more

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