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Information Systems Auditor: Protection of Information Assets

by Kevin Henry

This course addresses the fifth of the five chapters induced in the CISA examination. It instructs the auditor on how to audit information technology assets.

What you'll learn

Many people assigned to work on an IT audit do not have extensive familiarity with actual IT equipment and processes. This course, Information Systems Auditor: Protection of Information Assets, will help you to understand the functions, risks and security challenges related to auditing the various types of systems in use today. This module addresses cloud computing, encryption, physical security, disaster recovery and many other areas. By the end of this course, you'll be more prepared for the CISA examination than ever and you'll understand how to securely audit IT assets.

About the author

Kevin Henry is a well-known and respected educator and lecturer in the fields of information security and audit. Kevin uses his more than 30 years of practical experience as a network technician, computer programmer, and information systems auditor to deliver outstanding presentations that make each topic interesting, relevant, and useful. Often described by students as "The best instructor I have ever had," Kevin has the ability to provide quality instruction that engages the audience and provi... more

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