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Inventor Essentials - Organic Shapes Using Loft

by Billy Wittenberg

Become your company's go-to drafter or designer by learning how to build any part! In this course you'll increase your modeling skills by learning how to build complex, organic shapes using Inventor Pro 2017. Software required: Inventor 2017.

What you'll learn

Many drafters and designers are stumped when faced with having to build a part with a curved, organic shape. In this course, Inventor Essentials - Organic Shapes Using Loft, you'll how to use the loft tool in Inventor 2017 (also found in most other 3D modeling engineering software packages) to build even the most challenging freeform shapes. First, you'll learn the background of the loft tool and get a quick summary of how it works. Then, you'll explore in-depth exactly how loft builds organic shapes using its diverse toolset. Finally, you'll be shown how to build 3D geometry using the skeletal modeling method, which uses master sketches to drive the overall shape of the part. When you're finished with this Inventor course, you'll not only know how to build any part in 3D, but you'll be the go-to person in your office for building the most complex parts. Software required: Inventor 2017.

About the author

After serving in the Army during Operation Desert Storm, Billy Wittenberg got a night job as a machinist while he attended college during the day. He eventually moved into a drafting position at his job, learning 2D drafting and later, 3D modeling and animating. He was promoted into Designer positions, where he designed the hardware that was sent out to the field. In all his stops, he was asked to use his artistic skills in order to create technical animations and graphic images for marketing. H... more

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