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Creating Cross-platform Apps with Ionic and Electron

by Michael Callaghan

This course will teach you how to create desktop apps with Ionic Framework, HTML, and TypeScript. Electron gives you the ability to do so.

What you'll learn

Wouldn't it be cool if your mobile Ionic apps could also run on Windows and MacOS desktops? With Electron, they can! All the time and effort you've spent learning web mobile technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Cordova, and Ionic can be applied to the Desktop. In this course, Creating Cross-platform Apps with Ionic and Electron, you'll learn how to create cross-platform apps with Ionic and Electron. First, you'll explore this powerful and easy-to-learn technology that enabled the rapid development of powerhouse apps. Next, you'll discover Visual Studio Code, Ionic Creator, and the Atom editor. Finally, you'll learn about Slack, GitKraken, and countless others. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to create cross-platform apps with Iconic and Electron. Whether you aspire to create the next iTunes, or just want to port your mobile app to run on Windows, this is the technology you need in your toolbox.

About the author

Software developer / Tech Lead with more than twenty years of professional software development experience, primarily in Microsoft and Linux environments, the past decade of which has been spent assembling, mentoring, and leading development teams.

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