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Managing Apps on Kubernetes with Istio

by Elton Stoneman

Istio lets you manage, secure, and observe the communication between distributed software components. Learn how the service mesh architecture builds on Docker and Kubernetes to provide seamless control over how your services talk to each other.

What you'll learn

Istio is a service mesh - a component which lets you take control of the network communication between your application services. You can manage traffic routing, security, and telemetry centrally without changing code or configuration. In this course, Managing Apps on Kubernetes with Istio, you will learn what you can do with a service mesh. First, you will explore blue/green and canary deployments. Next, you will learn about authentication, authorization, and how to view the health and status of your services. Finally, you will discover how to work with Istio in a local environment, and what you need to know for running Istio in production. When you are finished with the course, you will have the skills to deploy Istio and run new and old applications in the service mesh.

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About the author

Elton is a 10-time Microsoft MVP, author, trainer and speaker. He spent most of his career as a consultant working in Microsoft technologies, architecting and delivering complex solutions for industry leaders. He has delivered APIs on Azure serving millions of clients daily, Big Data solutions processing billions of events weekly, and cutting-edge solutions powered by containers. Elton's experience with .NET goes from .NET 1.0 running on Windows Server, right up to .NET Core running on Linux. Wh... more

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