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What's New in Java SE 18 & 19

by Sander Mak

This course provides an overview of the most important features in Java 18 and 19. It will teach you what APIs have changed, and covers the introduction of a Simple Web Server in the JDK.

What you'll learn

Java 18 and 19 are the two Java releases of 2022. In this course, What’s New in Java 18 & 19, you’ll get an overview of all the important features in these releases. First, you will see the updates made to the core libraries, including a new way to add code examples to JavaDoc. Next, you’ll learn about a new component in the JDK: the Simple Web Server. Finally, an overview of changes to the platform is provided. This includes, for example, the change to UTF-8 as default encoding. When you're finished with this course, you will be ready to make the most of Java 18 and 19 in your own projects.

About the author

Sander is Director of Technology at Picnic —the Dutch online grocery scale-up— building Java-based systems at scale. He also is a Java Champion and author of the O'Reilly book 'Java 9 Modularity' (see As an avid conference speaker, Sander loves sharing knowledge, also through his blog at and as Pluralsight instructor.

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