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Launching Successful Teams

by Shelley Benhoff

This course provides managers with tried and true methods to help you overcome the obstacles facing new teams. You'll learn exactly how to recruit successfully to achieve a balanced group dynamic.

What you'll learn

Creating a successful balanced team dynamic can be challenging to achieve. In this course, Launching Successful Teams, you'll learn best practices in putting together new teams, and techniques to overcome management and leadership obstacles facing your new teams. First, you'll discover how to build your team by selecting and interviewing the best candidates. Next, you'll explore best practices in managing and leading fully remote or virtual teams. Then, you'll dive into the different ways you can connect with your new employees to foster a positive working environment. After that, you'll learn how Intel and Google use objectives and key results (OKRs) to measure progress. Finally, you'll explore the four phases of developing your team (forming, storming, norming, and performing), along with how to attract and retain top talent. By the end of this course, you'll know how to recruit successfully to achieve a balanced group dynamic to produce the highest quality products and services for your organization.

About the author

Shelley has 20+ years of experience in IT as an Entrepreneur, Manager, Trainer, Docker Community Leader, and Sitecore MVP. She has a passion for tiaras, technology, gaming, and general nerdery. She loves to learn new things as well as mentor and teach others. She teaches leadership, communication, Docker, and Sitecore development. Shelley aims to provide her students with an immersive learning experience, not just a bunch of lectures and handouts. She has studied learning and instructional desig... more

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