Leveraging Lists and Filters in ServiceNow

ServiceNow uses lists and filters to control the display of data records stored in tables. This course will teach you how to interact with lists, personalize list views, and leverage list filters to enable timely access to relevant information.

What you'll learn

ServiceNow lists provide a grid-style view of data stored in tables. Lists depict individual records as rows and fields as columns when displaying information such as incidents, problems, and change requests. In this course, Leveraging Lists and Filters in ServiceNow, you’ll learn how to use lists and filters to quickly and efficiently display information that is relevant to different audiences such as IT managers, service desk technicians, and customers. First, you’ll learn about lists in ServiceNow and how to personalize list views to display data that is relevant to an individual user. Next, you’ll discover how to interact with data using list functions such as sorting and paging. Finally, you’ll learn how to design filters with conditions that determine which subset of records to display in a list and how breadcrumbs can be used to dynamically update filter conditions in a list view. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to customize the display of information in ServiceNow tables using lists and filters to improve visibility and empower decision-makers.

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