LINQ Best Practices

by Mark Heath

This course will teach you how to fully harness the power of LINQ by exploring best practices and avoiding common pitfalls by solving fun and challenging problems.

What you'll learn

In this course, LINQ Best Practices, you’ll learn to take advantage of the power of LINQ in your C# programs. First, you’ll learn how to recognize situations in which LINQ can improve the expressiveness and readability of your code. Next, you’ll discover how to combine LINQ operators into pipelines and extend them with ad ditional capabilities.. Finally, you’ll learn how to ensure your performance. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of LINQ needed to work effectively with sequences of data.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Mark Heath is a software developer based in Southampton, England, working for NICE Systems as a software architect creating cloud based digital evidence management systems for the police. He is the creator of NAudio, an open source audio framework for .NET. He is passionate about continually improving his skills and training other developers, and in recent years has been particularly focused on the challenges of creating scalable and reliable Azure-deployed systems. In his (very limited) spare t... more

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