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Literacy Essentials : Core Concepts Convolutional Neural Network

by Alex Schultz

This course will teach you the fundamental concepts required to understand how convolutional neural networks work.

What you'll learn

Convolutional Neural Networks have given computers a near human-level ability to make sense of image data. In this course, Literacy Essentials: Core Concepts Convolutional Neural Network, you’ll develop a fundamental understanding of how convolutional neural networks operate. First, you’ll explore the layers that make up convolutional neural networks. Next, you’ll discover how those layers, when trained on a dataset, work together to identify classes in an image. Finally, you’ll learn how to use existing convolutional neural networks with minimal effort. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to understand how CNNs (Convolutional Neural Network) work so you can start exploring more advanced Convolutional Neural Networks needed to add understanding of images to your applications.

About the author

Alex Schultz an award-winning machine learning software engineer with over 10 years of experience working across the entire development stack. In that time he's worked with many languages and frameworks and built applications for everything ranging from mobile and IOT, to front-end web development, to scalable backend web services. He ran the Amazon Web Services (AWS) User Group in his hometown for three years and is also a former AWS Machine Learning Hero.

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