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Management 101

by Jason Alba

Management 101 is designed for the new or seasoned manager. The goal is to help you understand better your roles as a manager, and how you can perform your duties to your highest potential. We talk about characters and skills of a manager, organizational behaviors, advice for new managers, and tips on managing technical talent.

What you'll learn

Management 101 starts with a foundation of management in general, including organizational structures, addressing problems, incentivizing employees and teams, skillsets managers should have, and personal characteristics that help you be a more effective manager. We talk about issues that new managers face, including

  • how to have more effective meetings,
  • tips to delegate better,
  • and the role of integrity and ethics
We also talk about managing technical professionals, including the concepts of empowering your employees, defining expectations, and getting more value out of annual reviews and written policies. We talk about financial and non-financial incentives, diversity, personality assessments, training, and more.

Course FAQ

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who would like to undergo management training. Whether or not you are in a management role this course will prove to be valuable to all parts of the work force.

What will I learn in this management training course?

In this course, you will learn about the organizational structures, addressing problems, incentives, performance reviews, ethics, defining expectations, and much more!

Do I need to be a manger to take this course?

You do not need to be a manager to take this course. This course contains valuable principles and instructions for any level of the workforce.

What are some of the benefits of management training programs?

Some benefits of management training programs are: improved communication, decision making skills, understanding of change management, personalized feedback and self-evaluations, and a deeper understanding of the management role.

About the author

Jason Alba has been a Pluralsight Author since 2012, specializing in soft skills and professional development. He started his IT career as an intern developing tools for a robust intranet. He transitioned to an IT manager at another company where his job included web development as well as other IT functions. After an acquisition Jason became VP and then general manager at a newly formed tech company. He founded and manages, a CRM for job seekers. Jason has authored three books.... more

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