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Managing Ingress Traffic Patterns for Kubernetes Services

by Nigel Brown

Once you've packaged and deployed your application services to a Kubernetes cluster, you have to figure out how to expose them for client access. This course will set you in the right direction for managing ingress traffic to your deployed services.

What you'll learn

Once all the hard work of packaging your services into the container format is complete, and you've successfully deployed them to a Kubernetes cluster, you still have the task of exposing those services beyond the cluster for external consumption. In this course, Managing Ingress Traffic Patterns for Kubernetes Services, you'll learn how to expose your Kubernetes services to fit your own unique deployment requirements. First, you'll learn about the different options available for exposing Kubernetes services, and how they might suit particular circumstances. Next, you'll see how to use the Kubernetes Ingress API for managing external traffic as it enters the cluster, and how it can be securely routed to its intended destination. Finally, you'll discover how to accommodate some advanced traffic routing patterns, as well as gain an understanding of some of the future directions for managing ingress in Kubernetes clusters. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills and knowledge necessary for making your microservices available for consumption beyond the Kubernetes cluster boundary.

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About the author

Nigel is an IT professional with over 25 years of experience, gained in technical and management roles. He started his career in IT Operations, before co-founding and leading a company focused on delivering systems management solutions to some of the UK's largest companies. Recently, he has returned to his technical roots, and swapped the world of proprietary software for the open source domain. Nigel has an avid interest in the contemporary domain of microservices and container technologies. In... more

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