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Aug 16, 2017
3h 17m

Windows 10 doesn't manage itself. You'll need to discover how to configure servicing branches and updates using the new Windows-as-a-Service model. You'll need to learn to troubleshoot performance problems with both real time and extended monitoring. You'll also have to keep tabs on printers and on anti-malware protection, too. This course, Managing and Maintaining Windows 10, covers recovering damaged systems, from files and drivers through the Registry and the whole operating system. You'll also learn new features like Windows Hello and Credential Guard to keep Windows 10 accounts secure in the domain and in the cloud. Finally, you'll set up services, scheduled tasks, and PowerShell scripts to make maintenance as automatic as possible. After you're done with deployment, implementation, and configuring core services, managing and maintaining Windows 10 keeps your Microsoft network spinning reliably on its axis.

About the author
About the author

Glenn is President of Independent Software Inc., a Denver IT consultancy. He has been teaching advanced computer seminars around the world since 1988. He developed official Server 2008 courseware for Microsoft. Glenn has written 18 commercial books for McGraw-Hill, Wiley, IDG and Sybex. He is also a sought-after expert witness.

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