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Managing Privileged Identities in Windows Server 2016

by Aaron Sampson

After implementation, the most important part of any IT infrastructure is its security. In this course, you'll learn the fundamental approaches necessary to secure your organization against many common attacks and possible breaches of security.

What you'll learn

Managing the security of an enterprise environment is paramount to many organizations and network breaches can occur at any time, from any source, including internal threats from malicious users or administrators. In this course, Managing Privileged Identities in Windows Server 2016, you’ll learn how to approach securing your organization against many common attacks and breaches of security. First, you'll learn how to apply the core security concepts of the principle of least privilege. Next, you'll discover how to protect your most privileged identities. Finally, you'll explore how to restrict resource access and user rights to ensure that all users can perform only the tasks that are necessary and when they are necessary, all while minimizing the possibility of exposure to threats and unauthorized resource access. By the end of this course, you'll be able to implement these features to ensure the highest levels of security, while still maintaining the core functionality of your operations.

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About the author

Aaron Sampson is a seasoned and experienced IT professional from Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada's east coast. Having started in the industry in 1995, he quickly directed his efforts toward education and training and has developed and demonstrated excellent communication skills and the ability to impart his knowledge and experience on to others. Most of Aaron's time is spent delivering training in Microsoft products including Windows Server, SQL Server and Business Intelligence, Exchange Server, ... more

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