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Introduction to C# Plug-in Development for Maya 2019

by Joshua Gaines

This course will provide an understanding of development setup, overview of Maya API modules, anatomy of a C# plug-in, limitations, and a walk-through of some devkit examples.

What you'll learn

Since Extension 2 of Autodesk Maya 2013, the Maya .NET API, was introduced, developers gained the ability to create C# plug-ins for Maya using Microsoft's .NET technology. Like the Maya Python API, the .NET API is generated from the Maya C++ API, but with the added advantage of having corresponding classes containing the same names and set of functions. In this course, Introduction to C# Plug-in Development for Maya 2019, you'll gain a better understanding of how to use Maya .NET API to develop C# plug-ins. First, you'll discover how to make a dependency node. Next, you'll get a better understanding of the Maya API design. Finally, you'll explore node attributes and examine plug-ins from Maya's devkit. When you are finished with this course, you should have a better understanding of how to use C# plug-in development for Maya 2019.

About the author

Josh is a career rigging technical artist for Electronic Arts. He has worked on several NBA LIVE and Madden titles while indirectly working on FIFA, UFC, NHL, and PGA Tour through shared technology developments. He has a passion for creating character control rigs, anatomical deformation, custom tools, and increasing performance through workflow efficiencies. Josh has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from... more

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