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Animating Blood Flow in Maya

by Alexander Beerhorst

Red blood cells flowing through vessels is a common topic in medical animation. This course will teach you how to create red blood cells, direct their movement, and make them interact with their environment in Maya. Software required: Autodesk Maya.

What you'll learn

Creating an animation of red blood cells is one of the most common problems a medical animator is presented with. In this course, Animating Blood Flow in Maya, you will be taught the scientific basics about how red blood cells move through vessels and shown how to replicate this in Autodesk Maya. First, you will be presented with basic information about the physics of blood cells, arteries, and veins. Next, you'll be shown how to create nParticles in Maya that behave and look like red blood cells. Finally, you'll be shown how to make these cells interact with their surroundings, the blood vessels. When you're finished with this Maya course, you'll not only know the basics of red blood cell animation, but also be taught how to replicate their real-world environment. Software required: Autodesk Maya.

About the author

Alex is a professional medical illustrator and the Owner/Operator of Axoneme Studios, an animation company that specializes in medical subject matter. He came to the field of medical illustration via a desire to fuse his interests (and degrees) in Art and Biology. Over the years, he’s had a chance to work for clients like Dr. Oz, Procter&Gamble, and CVS. He is shocked to this day that after considering being an animator for Disney as a child and later deciding that was impractical he gets to mak... more

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