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Mar 26, 2020
1h 2m

At the core of implementing cache using Azure is a thorough knowledge of Azure Redis Cache. In this course, Microsoft Azure Developer: Implementing Azure Cache, you’ll learn how to implement Azure Redis cache in your applications. First, you’ll learn why you should cache data. Next, you’ll explore what Azure Redis Cache is. Finally, you’ll discover how to implement Azure Redis Cache in your application. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of implementing cache using Azure that will help you as you move forward to implement Azure Redis Cache in your applications and make them more performant.

About the author
About the author

Barry is a software architect and developer with a passion for the cloud. He has worked for lots of companies throughout the last decade and is keen to share his knowledge with the community. He co-founded a usergroup focused on technology and soft-skills and currently teaches people about the benefits of the cloud.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
[Autogenerated] Hi, everyone. My name is body lie breaks and welcome to my course Microsoft Azure developer implementing as your cash, I am an independent software developer and architect with a passion for the cloud. Cashing is very important to make your application performance and to make it more available in measure you use as your reddest cash for cash in in discourse, you learn what as your betters cash is and how to use it. Some of the major topics that we will cover includes why you should cash data what as your reddest cash is and how you can implement as your vet is cash. By the end of this course, you'll know what as your reddest cash is and how to implement it in your application before beginning the course. You should have a basic level of understanding off software development in the Microsoft ecosystem, and you should also know the basics of Microsoft measure. I hope you'll join me on this journey to learn about as you read this cash with the Microsoft Enger developer implementing as your cash course here at rural sites