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Microsoft Azure for Node.js Developers - Cloud Patterns and Architecture

by Simon Allardice

Microsoft Azure supports Node.js for building scalable and resilient cloud applications. This course covers the main Azure services including load balancing, caching, partitioning, content delivery networks and performance testing.

What you'll learn

Designing applications in the cloud requires a different style of thinking, and deep knowledge of cloud infrastructure and services. In this course, Microsoft Azure for Node.js Developers - Cloud Patterns and Architecture, you'll learn how various Azure services can help build scalable and resilient applications. First, you'll explore how to use specific Azure resources to add redundancy, fail-over, and load balancing to a system. Next, you'll support scaling with partitioning and caching. Finally, you'll discover Content Delivery Networks, API management, and performance testing. When you're finished with this course, you'll have covered multiple resources that will help you as you build scalable Node applications in Microsoft Azure. This course is adapted from "Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers - Cloud Patterns and Architecture" by Scott Allen.

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About the author

Simon is Creative Director and Principal Author at Pluralsight. With over three decades of software development experience, he's programmed in every discipline: from finance to transportation, nuclear reactors to game development. Prior to joining Pluralsight, Simon was the principal developer author at His first video course released back in 2002: since then, his popular courses have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of developers. His current focus is both on the new — the latest... more

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