Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Implementing Orchestration Automation Solutions

by Daniel Krzyczkowski

This course will teach you how to implement orchestration automation, including designing the reliable release pipeline for multiple release targets with shared release configuration and approvals.

What you'll learn

Automation is a core of DevOps practices and essential in today's industry. In this course, Microsoft DevOps Solutions: Implementing Orchestration Automation Solutions, you will learn about designing the release pipeline to ensure reliable order of dependency deployments.

First, you will understand the deployment considerations for DevOps. Then, you will discover how to use the Microsoft Azure DevOps tool to organize shared release configurations and processes.

Finally, you will explore how to design and implement release gates and approval processes. By the end of this course, you will have a clear overview of how to design, and implement the full release process for the solutions built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, including infrastructure and application code.

About the author

Daniel is a Principal Software Engineer at Predica living in Warsaw (Poland) focused on implementation of solutions using Microsoft technologies. He started his journey with sharing knowledge as a Microsoft Student Partner at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. Daniel was awarded with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional title. Daniel loves to share his knowledge and passion about Microsoft Azure, Universal Windows Platform, Internet of Things, and Azure DevOps. He w... more

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