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Configure Device and Network Settings for Microsoft Teams

by Jeff Brown

Deploying Microsoft Teams Phone System requires network planning and device management for the best experience. This course will teach you how to plan and configure your network and devices for Microsoft Teams Phone System.

What you'll learn

Microsoft Teams Phone System requires more than enabling licenses and configuring calling policies. Teams needs a stable network connection to provide the best possible experience, which requires planning and validation of your network design. In this course, Configure Device and Network Settings for Microsoft Teams, you’ll learn how to optimize your network for Microsoft Teams Phone System and manage related devices. First, you’ll explore determining network readiness by estimating Teams traffic requirements using the Network Planner and other analysis tools, Next, you’ll learn about network requirements for Teams traffic and how to configure your network topology in your tenant. Finally, you’ll explore how to manage your Teams devices using the admin center. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of optimizing network performance and managing devices to plan and deploy Microsoft Teams Phone System to your organization.

About the author

Jeff is a Systems Administrator and Cloud Engineer with over a decade of experience in server and application administration. He has managed a wide range of technologies in his career, including Windows Server, Microsoft 365. and Azure. He enjoys solving problems, writing PowerShell scripts, and automating all the things. Jeff currently works as a technical consultant working with Azure. You can reach Jeff via Twitter (@JeffWBrown) or his blog (JeffBrown.tech).

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