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Aug 25, 2015
3h 43m

In this Rhino tutorial, we'll explore tools, techniques, and processes that are useful to architects and designers. The goal of this tutorial is to utilize the native tools, concepts, and workflows necessary to produce complex, organic shapes in Rhino without the use of a third party plug-in. We'll explore multiple approaches to create simple and complex varieties of similar objects. By the end of this Rhino training, you'll not only understand how to create historical architecture, but you'll also have learned even more consistent and positive working habits in Rhino. Software required: Rhino 5, Flamingo NXT.

About the author
About the author

Roark Congdon is a professor of technology, drawing, and history at several universities in Seattle and has taught 3D modeling, rendering, sculpture, drawing, art history, and design at the university and high school levels in both in the US and China for over 15 years.

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