Moving from Technical Professional to Management

by Shelley Benhoff

This course provides technical professionals with tried and true methods to help you level up your career and move into management. You will learn how to get management to take notice of your outstanding skills and hopefully land a promotion.

What you'll learn

This course, Moving from Technical Professional to Management, is for any technical professional who is interested in moving their career into management. Throughout this course, you'll be presented with everyday scenarios and techniques to show your leadership skills. You'll learn how to facilitate communication and organization in your team to properly show off your leadership ability. Next, you'll learn about improving business processes and how that ties into being a manager. Then, you'll learn the different ways you can show that you're reliable, so that co-workers and management are confident in your leadership skills. Next, you'll learn how students can take initiative in your current role as a technical professional. Finally, you'll learn how being fearless will help you move into management. By the end of this course, you'll know how to get middle and upper management to take notice of your outstanding skills and be on your way to landing a promotion to management.

About the author

Shelley has 20+ years of experience in IT as an Entrepreneur, Manager, Trainer, and Sitecore MVP. She has a passion for tiaras, technology, gaming, and general nerdery. She loves to learn new things as well as mentor and teach others. She teaches leadership, communication, Docker, and Sitecore development. Shelley aims to provide her students with an immersive learning experience, not just a bunch of lectures and handouts. She has studied learning and instructional design so that she can combine... more

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