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Network Security Testing With NMAP

by Kirk Marshall

This course presents NMAP, a network scanning tool, from basic usage through advanced service analysis.

What you'll learn

NMAP is a powerful network scanning tool that can be used by a network administrator or security practitioner to audit a network. This course will lead the student through a discussion of NMAP's scanning phases and a discussion of the tool's capabilities and options for network, host, and service discovery. After completion of the course, the student will have a thorough knowledge of NMAP and be able to use it to effectively ensure the security of their network.

About the author

Kirk Marshall is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) that specializes in securing high-security environments such as finance and banking. Mr. Marshall has been working with computers since the early '80s when he began programming in Basic on the original IBM PC. His career has provided him with opportunities to become an expert in Unix through the direct administration of computer systems and by teaching classes in TCP/IP networking, UNIX performance tuning and AIX ... more

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