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ng-conf '19: Ng Generate Universal, Now What?

by ng-conf

Ng Generate Universal, Now What? | James Daniels

What you'll learn

So you’ve got Angular Universal working in your application! Congratulations! It was quite the journey. You removed all the references to the DOM (or polyfilled them), put all the fires out, fixed your Zone.js issues (at least the ones on critical path), got through code review and everything is merged… now what? Seems like everything is just more complicated now. How does one start reaping the rewards that can come with server-side rendering?

In this session we’ll go beyond setup and walk through practical server-side rendering topics: pre-rendering, state-transfer, lazy loading, caching, headers, handling authenticated content, and when and where you might want to draw some lines so you can get the most out of Angular Universal.

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Ng Generate Universal, Now What?

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