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Performing OSINT Gathering on Corporate Targets

by Jerod Brennen

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering is a critical component of penetration testing. This course will teach you how to gather various forms of corporate OSINT, including physical, logical, org chart, electronic, infrastructure, and financial.

What you'll learn

While many organizations are focusing their resources on implementing internal security controls, few turn their attention to the open source intelligence (OSINT) that attackers exploit in an effort to circumvent those controls. In this course, Performing OSINT Gathering on Corporate Targets, you'll learn foundational knowledge of gathering various forms of corporate OSINT as part of a penetration test. First, you'll explore tools and techniques for collecting OSINT. Next, you'll discover how to analyze that OSINT, separating the useful information from the noise. Finally, you'll learn how to organize your findings and prepare the subsequent phases of the penetration test. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of corporate OSINT gathering needed to conduct an effective, worthwhile penetration test.

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About the author

By day, Jerod is a Security Solutions Architect with One Identity. By night, he's a husband, father, writer, filmmaker, martial artist, musician, and gamer. I think it's fair to say that he's earned every gray hair in his beard, having spent his career fulfilling infosec roles in consulting, higher education, retail, and public utilities. Jerod likes to share what he's learned over the years with local and regional information security professional organizations, at larger information secu... more

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