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Designing Immutable Infrastructure with Packer

by Paul Kirby

Create immutable infrastructure without the headaches! In this course, you'll learn to create images that are reusable, make scaling architecture easy, and run everywhere with Packer.

What you'll learn

Want to get on board with the benefits of Docker, but your organization just isn't ready for such a large change yet? This course, Designing Immutable Infrastructure with Packer, shows you how to achieve many of the same benefits Docker provides using Packer's immutable infrastructure principles. You'll learn how to create reusable, source-controlled, fast-deploying images that allow you to scale your architecture with ease. Not only that, you'll learn to reuse code you've already written to create these images, saving you time and money! Finally, you'll cover the when and why of making the transition from Packer to Docker, and how Packer makes this transition simpler. By the end of this course, you'll be able to create immutable infrastructure in Packer, and you'll be more prepared for a potential transition to Docker.

About the author

Paul is a professional Site Reliability Engineer, specializing in fault tolerance and scalability in the cloud. His decade of experience began in infrastructure, transitioned into development, and now he enjoys blending the benefits of both worlds to create best-of-breed solutions focused on sustainable reliability. Paul lives in Canada with his wife, two cats, and dog, and is an avid hiker and electronic musician.

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