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Play by Play: Prototyping UX Solutions in Salesforce with Playgrounds and Lightning Web Components

by Barry Hughes and Don Robins

This course provides updated prototyping techniques for Salesforce using Lightning Web Components and Playgrounds - both generally available in Spring 2019.

What you'll learn

Play by Play is a series in which top technologists work through a problem in real time, unrehearsed, and unscripted. In this course, Play by Play: Prototyping UX Solutions with Playgrounds and Lightning Web Components, Barry Hughes and Don Robins discuss how to migrate prototypes created with the Salesforce Design System Starter Kit into ‘Composite’ Lightning Web Components in a Playground. The Lightning Web Components created in the Playground are then migrated to a Salesforce org with functionality added to retrieve and manipulate data. By the end of this course, developers will be able to work in teams to prototype and agree on functionality before developing solutions in a Salesforce org.

About the authors

Barry Hughes is a Certified Salesforce Platform Developer II, leader of the Dublin Developer Group, and conference speaker who has been developing on the Salesforce platform since 2011. He is a a Certified Salesforce Instructor since 2012 teaching Apex and Lightning Component programming. Barry has been developing web applications and consulting since the mid-nineties, and is lead developer with Blue Wave Group based in Ireland.

Don Robins is a well known Salesforce MVP, instructor, author, and speaker. A custom business application developer for more decades than he cares to admit, he focuses on Salesforce technical instruction and knowledge sharing. Certified as a Platform II Developer and an award winning Salesforce Instructor, he's presented and taught at annual Dreamforce conferences since 2010. He delivers Salesforce developer classes and workshops around the US and abroad, and manages a team of instructors ... more

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